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Back to School – Keep Sacramento Lice Free

If you have a child(ren) headed back to school soon in Sacramento, you will want to add ‘check my child’s head’ to your back to school to-do list. Having your child’s head checked by a trained professional for head lice before they go back to school will save you time and money. Lice Clinics of America […]

Finally, a REAL cure for head lice comes to Placer County!!

Finally, a REAL cure for head lice comes to Placer County!! Lice Clinics of America-Sacramento has opened a NEW clinic in Roseville, CA, conveniently located for those living in Roseville/Rocklin area, and anywhere along I-80. Lice Clinics of America-Sacramento is the only company that utilizes the FDA-cleared AirAlle’ medical device to kill all lice and […]

Why Sacramento Nit-Pickers Hate the AirAlle’®’s Lice Treatment

New Lice Treatment Technology Renders Nit-Picking Industry Obsolete Our competitors in Sacramento & all over California are feeling quite threatened by the AirAlle’® technology, and for good reason:  AirAlle’®  is a vastly superior method of treating lice.  We are finding that some competitors are willing to say almost anything in order to prop-up their increasingly […]

From Louse to LouseBuster to AirAllé® Lice Removal in Sacramento, CA

The Fascinating History Behind the AirAllé® Head Lice Treatment Device The concept behind the AirAllé® device was launched in the laboratory Dr. Dale Clayton at the University of Utah when a chain of lice-related events converged on the poor doctor.  As a professor of Biology, Dr. Clayton was already familiar with lice because he was […]

Of Lice and Men – A Brief History of Head Lice & Treatments

Louse: Any wingless blood sucking insect of the order Anoplura: includes Pediculus capitis (head louse). Slang an unpleasant or mean person Lice probably developed about 1.7 million years before modern humans emerged, and evolved with humans as we evolved from chimpanzees.  The oldest tangible evidence of human head lice?  A nit found on the hair […]