It’s Head Lice Season, Again!!

New summer activities = new interactions = new opportunities for lice

Louse on Q-tip

If you thought that the end of the school year meant that the threat of lice was over, you might want to think again.  All those new summer activities bring with them tons of opportunities for your kids to interact with folks that they haven’t interacted with during the school year.  And the TYPE of activities during the summer tends to bring kids into closer physical contact with each other.  AND on top of that, if your kiddos do get exposed, they are probably getting exposed to Super Lice.  AAAARRRGGHH!!  So, what to do?  Well, assume the worst, and then take the following defensive steps.

  1. Drill into your kids head that they are to NEVER share anything that has touched someone else’s head (that’s kind of a pun :).  And, of course, try not to actually touch their head to someone else’s head.  Obviously, the probability of them ignoring this advice varies inversely with their age, but you must try as hard as you can to get this into their head (in order to keep the lice off their head… see the pun now?)
  2. Keep hair up and tight as possible anytime the kids are in high-risk situations, which is pretty much any time they are around other kids.  This could be a math-teachable moment about surface area.  “You see my little pumpkin, if you leave your hair down how much more surface area there is for one of those gross, disgusting bugs to latch onto your hair.  But if you put it a tight braid, how much less surface area there is?  So do this every day, or else Mommy will….”  Try to keep calm when imparting this valuable lesson.
  3. Inspect.  Frequently.  Get yourself a good nit comb (you can buy them from us or get the Terminator comb off Amazon) and use the following technique.
  • Run the comb along a short section of the scalp – once – and then pull the comb out to the end of the hair
  • Place the comb over a clean white surface and rake through the tines of the comb with your fingernail.  Get as much out of the comb as you can
  • Repeat the first 2 steps for another section of the scalp, and then another, and another…until you cover the entire head.
  • Look at the entire contents of what came out of the comb.  You are looking for nits/eggs or, if you are really lucky (or unlucky) a live louse, but live critters are harder to find than nits.  Nits can be extremely small, but have a distinctive and consistent shape.  See the picture below, or Google to your heart’s content for more images of lice and nits.

Lice and nits labeled

So, what to do if you find something?  First, assume the worst, which is that they have SUPER LICE.  I know the “assume the worst” posture may seem a bit dramatic, but talk to some of our customers who have been battling lice for months and they will tell you that a little more drama at the beginning of their lice saga would have been helpful.

Now, consider your options:

  1. Chemicals from the drug store or pediatrician.  Unfortunately, the term “Super Lice” was coined as a result of their resistance to these chemicals, so you are rolling the dice as to whether these products will work.  And super lice are now everywhere.  See an earlier blog about the prevalence of super lice:
  2. Nit Pickers – folks that will come to your home and painstakingly remove every nit and louse from your head.  When done correctly, this is a multi-hour process; the actual time required depends on the length and thickness of the hair, as well as the severity of the lice infestation. However, these days many nit pickers are taking an “express” approach, which is that will do a quick comb out (1 to 1.5 hours) and then tell you that you yourself must continue to comb many more times over the following weeks (in other words, you are not going to get rid of the lice in a single day).  See another earlier blog about nit pickers:
  3. Call us, because NO KIDDING, we will completely eliminate your lice problem in
    1 HOUR
    1 VISIT
    100% LICE FREE

The AirAlle’ technology is new to Sacramento (we switched from being nit-pickers ourselves a year ago), and it is truly a revolutionary advancement in lice treatment.  No other treatment option even comes close to the effectiveness of our process.  And, BTW, we are the exclusive provider for the Sacramento area.