Your Head Lice Terms Guide

head lice prevention

Head lice are pesky critters, they cause panic in even the calmest people. Getting rid of them can be a confusing and stressful time. Learning the terms related to head lice and treating them can help make things less confusing. We’ve put together a short glossary of popular head lice terms. With these terms you…

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Common Ways Adults Get Head Lice

adult lice

Head lice often seems like a problem for children and not so much for adults, so when we get head lice as adults it can be a bit of a shock. Most of us haven’t thought about head lice since our elementary school days or if we have it’s only in terms of our children.…

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Cleaning Your Car After Head Lice

cleaning car after lice

After the initial stress of head lice is over and the lice have been removed, parents often begin to panic over the cleaning process. How do they make sure they won’t go home and get it again? Is their home infested with head lice now? Do they need to buy new everything? What are they…

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