Rest assured, you WILL BE lice-free in a single visit, 100% GUARANTEED!
Other lice removal services charge hourly, and require follow up visits (at the same rate).
They cannot give you a single-visit assurance like we can.

signs of head lice


Before we do any treatment, we always perform a head check using a specially designed lice comb. You will see everything that we find, and then we will discuss how our treatment will resolve your situation.



Our all natural, multi-step treatment completely kills both live lice bugs & eggs right on the head - 100% effective in a single treatment. Our proprietary treatment process is scientifically based using the latest dehydration technology, which is revolutionary compared to over the counter products based on pesticides and toxins. In fact, most of our clients have tried several at home treatments for weeks or even months before deciding to be professionally treated.

Our treatment consists of a 3-step method. We crystalize & dehydrate the nits/eggs, followed by the application of a special oil that kills lice. Nits/eggs are killed by our dehydration process that utilizes our proprietary blend of natural minerals/essential oils.

This simple 3-step process does not require any follow up visits. This one time single treatment method allows parents/kids to get rid of lice during a single visit.

adult lice


Our staff will provide you with complete instructions about what to do before and after treatment.  This includes how to clean your house and care.  AND, how to prevent lice in the future.  We are available to answer questions any time before and after treatment!!



Everyone’s situation is unique.  Therefore, we really need to do an assessment (over the phone is OK) before we can provide accurate pricing.  We approach this as a medical condition, just the way a doctor would.

Please, CALL US IMMEDIATELY so we can understand your situation.



Payment is due at the time of treatment, and we accept all credit cards, cash, and HSA/FSA cards (some limitations apply).

We also offer installment payments through our partnership with Square.  Click the link below to get more information, or to apply for the program.  Qualification is quick and easy, and once you are accepted, you will be able to use your Square account to pay for treatment.