Dimethicone Oil & Lice Comb Kit | For 1-2 kids

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Win the Battle Against Lice with California’s Lice Clinic Kit!

Stop Lice Dead in Their Tracks!

California’s Lice Clinic Dimethicone Oil and Lice Comb kit is your ultimate weapon against lice. This breakthrough treatment effectively halts lice in their tracks, ensuring victory in even the toughest battles against these persistent pests!

Comb Out with Confidence!Paired with our stainless steel Lice Comb, equipped with long micro-grooved teeth, our kit makes combing out and eliminating even the tiniest of lice eggs a breeze, leaving hair nit-free. Plus, our comb can be safely reused after proper cleaning and sterilization.

Safe and Powerful Formulation!Our kit features a safe, extra-strength formulation designed to stop lice and their eggs in their tracks, trapping them in the oil and making them easy to comb out with our Lice Comb. Crafted from 100% Dimethicone oil, it effectively targets lice that have become resistant to over-the-counter products.

Easy and Effective Solution!Designed for convenience, our kit provides an effective, easy-to-use solution for lice treatment, suitable for 1-2 children. The pure Dimethicone oil works on all hair types, from fine to thick and curly, ensuring no louse is left standing.

Confidence in Every Purchase!Rest assured, our kit is proudly made in the USA, and we stand behind it with our 100% Happiness Money-Back Guarantee. With California’s Lice Clinic, you can tackle lice with confidence and reclaim peace of mind!

How to Use Dimethicone Oil & Metal Comb for Lice Removal:

  • Suffocate Lice with Dimethicone Oil – Massage the dimethicone oil generously onto your dry scalp, ensuring complete saturation. This process effectively suffocates the lice bugs, preventing them from moving or breathing.
  • Detangle Hair with Mint Detangler – Spray our Mint Detangler (sold separately) onto the ends of your hair to soften and detangle. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb out any tangles, ensuring smooth and manageable hair.
  • Loosen Eggs with Foam Mousse – Apply our Foam Mousse (sold separately) to each section of your hair before using the lice comb. This helps loosen the glue of the eggs, making it easier to remove them with the comb later on.
  • Thoroughly Comb Each Section – Section your hair from ear to ear and clip up the strands in sections. Using the lice comb, comb each section of hair in all four directions: up, down, left, and right. Ensure the comb touches the scalp during the process to drag out any nits and lice. Wipe the comb on a white paper towel after each combing movement to monitor progress. Continue combing until the paper towel swipes are completely clear of nits and lice. Apply more oil and mousse if the hair starts to dry out during combing.
  • Overnight Treatment – Sleep with the oil in your hair overnight to maximize effectiveness in suffocating and killing the lice.
  • Wash Out the Oil with Mint Shampoo & Conditioner – In the morning, wash out the dimethicone oil using our Mint Shampoo & Conditioner (sold separately). As the oil is thick for effective lice removal, you may need to wash, rinse, and repeat several times until all of the oil is completely removed from your hair.
  • Repel Lice with Mint Lice Repellent – After drying your hair, spray it with our Mint Lice Repellent (sold separately) to help prevent future infestations.

For extra assurance, repeat all steps 6 days later to ensure complete elimination of lice and their eggs, following the same thorough process for best results.

Since nits can hatch over time, it’s essential to complete the entire process once more six days later to ensure success.
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