Back to School, Back to Head Lice?

While the exact logistics of students return to school this upcoming year may look different it can be certain that our friend pesky head lice will be waiting when they do. Schools are heaven for head lice with the large number of hosts and occasional close contact in hallways and buses. While social distancing guidelines may actually help with some of the head lice problems it is best to be prepared and know how to prevent an infestation.

Lice Prevention

The best way to get rid of head lice is to avoid them in the first place. Talk to your students about lice and their behavior so they know how to best avoid an infestation. Head lice cannot jump or fly but travel host to host by close contact. Remind them to be conscious of where their hair and head is in relation to others. Ask them not to share accessories that come in contact with hair like hats, sweaters, hair ties, or brushes. Face masks should never be shared but remind them of this importance now too. During peak times or if an outbreak should occur at your child’s school be sure to check their hair weekly. You can do this by wetting the hair and using a flashlight to check it as you run a fine comb through it. You can also have this done professionally by us at California’s Lice Clinic. We offer head lice assessments with a specially designed lice comb and will inform you of everything we find to work out the proper treatment plan for you.

Lice Treatment

Getting your child back to school quickly so they don’t miss any learning is one of our number one priorities here at California’s Lice Clinic. That is why we’ve come up with our four-step treatment process that will leave you lice free in just one visit, guaranteed! Our treatment uses dehydration and a blend of natural minerals and essential oils to remove both lice and their eggs. This all natural 100% effective treatment will have you back to school and play in no time!
Don’t let head lice ruin your back to school fun, let California’s Lice Clinic get you back in the classroom and back to learning!
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