Cleaning After Head Lice

Getting rid of head lice is never an easy task, and can overwhelm even the most organized person. Ridding head lice from your home though is a completely different beast. Cleaning your home after even one member of your family has lice is important, but how do you make sure it’s done properly? And where do you begin?

When and What to Clean

Knowing if and what you should clean after a head lice infestation can seem overwhelming, but it is quite simple. If anyone in your household has lice, then your house should be cleaned from top to bottom. The good news is lice cannot live long off of their host for very long, so cleaning doesn’t need to be as in-depth as many think, no cleaning services needed. You’ll need to clean any items or surfaces the infested person lays or rests their head on, wears, or uses during the infestation and after treatment to be sure any lingering lice are taken care of.

Bedding & Clothing

Machine washable items are easy! Any items worn by the person can simply be washed in your home washing machine on a hot cycle and dried on a hot setting for at least twenty minutes. This will kill any remaining lice that hasn’t already died from lack of a live host. The same can be done with any bedding, stuffed animals, towels, and any other items the infested individuals may have come in contact with.


Flooring is a breeze to care for after a lice infestation. All it requires is simple vacuuming of carpets with the use of everyday floor cleaners for a little extra boost! You can use this same technique on your mattresses too, no need for a new mattress! Hard wood, vinyl, or other floor types can be cleaned in the same way. Just use your regular cleaning solution and give the floors a good cleaning and you are all set.


Deciding what to do with accessories and toys after head lice can tough. Many just throw things away but it’s not always necessary. Items like brushes, combs, plastic toys, and hair accessories can easily be cleaned. Simply bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Be sure the water is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit and soak the accessories for at least fifteen minutes to kill the head lice and nits. New items can be purchased but a simple hot soak will have your items back to new and lice free!

What About the Rest

For items that cannot be washed in your washing machine, dry cleaning will also effectively kill lice. Other items can be sealed away in air tight bags for a minimum of two weeks. Doing this helps to suffocate the lice after they have lost their host. This method has proven to be effective but is the least effective and should be the last option taken.
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