Dear Ghost of Head Lice Christmas Future

We’ve all heard or seen the story of three Christmas ghosts that visit on Christmas Eve. They get a wayward soul to turn around their life and bring the joy of Christmas back. The ghost’s of Christmas past and present show them their mistakes and wrong doings. Then the ghost of future arrives to show them the haunting future to come. Hoping they will change their ways. Could you imagine if there was a head lice version of this? One to show how terribly you handled past infestations. The next to show how terribly unprepared you are now. The last to show you the worst Christmas head lice infestation heading your way! Well this is what I’d say to the ghost of Christmas head lice future:

Dear Ghost of Christmas Head Lice Future,

I am fully aware of how unprepared I was to handle head lice before. I panicked and I stressed for no reason. Though I wish I could say I’m sorry about it, I am only human. You’re friends helped show me that. They taught me much about head lice. To be completely honest I don’t think your future infestation is needed.

What I know About Lice

Thanks to your friends from the past and present, I have learned to tell lice fact from myth. I know that lice crawl and don’t fly from host to host. That head lice spread most commonly through direct contact and I should be careful of how close I get to others. There are many common ways to avoid their spread like not sharing accessories and keeping my hair tied up. I know the symptoms of head lice. I can tell the symptoms of an infestation much sooner now. From the red bumps on the neck and scalp to the crawling sensation and itching. Thanks to your visit, I am prepared.

Why I’m Not Afraid of Lice

Thanks to your friends advice I am no longer afraid of head lice. You were sent to show me the worst Christmas head lice infestation possible but I don’t fear you or it anymore. There are many ways I can work to prevent head lice. Through proper care and precaution head lice doesn’t have to affect me at all. Should I become infested though, I know that California’s Lice Clinic will be there to have me lice free in no time! With their all natural, four-step dehydration process lice don’t stand a chance. I used to stress about lice around the holidays but I don’t anymore, not with them by my side. Bring it on ghost! Show me your worst future infestations possible. I have a team of trained professionals to keep me and the rest of us lice free!
Lice Free for the Holidays
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