Dear Ghost of Head Lice Christmas Future

head lice

We’ve all heard or seen the story of three Christmas ghosts that visit on Christmas Eve. They get a wayward soul to turn around their life and bring the joy of Christmas back. The ghost’s of Christmas past and present show them their mistakes and wrong doings. Then the ghost of future arrives to show…

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Your Head Lice Terms Guide

head lice prevention

Head lice are pesky critters, they cause panic in even the calmest people. Getting rid of them can be a confusing and stressful time. Learning the terms related to head lice and treating them can help make things less confusing. We’ve put together a short glossary of popular head lice terms. With these terms you…

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Signs You have Head Lice

signs of head lice

Thinking you have head lice can be almost as bad as actually having head lice. The panic can set in easily as you begin to wonder how you got the lice. Even worse what will you do to get rid of them? Luckily, there are some easy signs to help spot head lice and know…

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Common Ways Adults Get Head Lice

adult lice

Head lice often seems like a problem for children and not so much for adults, so when we get head lice as adults it can be a bit of a shock. Most of us haven’t thought about head lice since our elementary school days or if we have it’s only in terms of our children.…

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Back to School, Back to Head Lice?

back to school head lice

While the exact logistics of students return to school this upcoming year may look different it can be certain that our friend pesky head lice will be waiting when they do. Schools are heaven for head lice with the large number of hosts and occasional close contact in hallways and buses. While social distancing guidelines…

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Cleaning Your Car After Head Lice

cleaning car after lice

After the initial stress of head lice is over and the lice have been removed, parents often begin to panic over the cleaning process. How do they make sure they won’t go home and get it again? Is their home infested with head lice now? Do they need to buy new everything? What are they…

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3 Common Myths About Head Lice Treatments

Lice may be tiny, but they are mighty and with that come some pretty mighty myths surrounding them. For years, myths about lice have circulated. Like the idea head lice jump from head to head, when in fact lice cannot jump, they crawl. Or the myth that lice only like dirty hair, when lice have…

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You’re Stuck at Home and Your Child has Lice: Now What?

These are stressful times we are living in, being stuck at home for weeks now has put a lot of strain on all of us. Having to deal with head lice on top of everything is something no one should have to worry about. Unfortunately, head lice happen. It’s spring, children came from the close…

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How to Talk About Lice with Other Parents

Head lice can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, especially amongst adults. When it comes to neighborhood gatherings, PTA meetings, or lunch with the girls, the last thing anyone wants is to bring up the uncomfortable topics. Head lice is one of those topics though that seems to wedge its way into conversation at the…

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What is So Super About Super Lice?

super lice california's lice clinic

We are a few months into the New Year and that means by now the appeal of the resolution making season has worn off a bit. Many of the new gym goers have stopped using their passes and reading their self-help books, but for a few it was the chance they needed to revamp themselves.…

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