Signs You have Head Lice

Thinking you have head lice can be almost as bad as actually having head lice. The panic can set in easily as you begin to wonder how you got the lice. Even worse what will you do to get rid of them? Luckily, there are some easy signs to help spot head lice and know if you should seek treatment.

Signs You Have Head Lice

Knowing if you have head lice can help you determine the proper treatment and put your mind at ease. Here are some simple, common ways to tell if you or your loved one has lice:
  • Constant Itching: While itching isn’t present in all lice cases it is extremely common. This won’t be a subtle itch but an intense persistent itch. It won’t be easily soothed and will be concentrated on the neck, ears, and top of head.
  • White Flecks: You may see small white or light-colored flecks in the hair. At first glance you may think they are dandruff, but they will be stuck to the hair. If these light-colored pieces aren’t easily removed they are probably nits, lice eggs, not dandruff. Nits are attached to hair and cannot be easily brushed out.
  • Bumps and Redness: Head lice can often cause a rash and bumps around the shoulders and neckline. Constant scratching and irritation in the area can cause redness. It’s important to keep a close eye on the rash, if it gets out of hand it can become infected. 
  • Movement: One of the easiest and most tell-tale signs is spotting the lice themselves. Head lice are small tan colored creatures and may look like a small seed until it begins to move. To check your hair, you can wet the hair and comb through it with a fine comb and light. 

How to Get Rid of Lice

Knowing you have head lice is one thing but getting rid of them is another. At California’s Lice Clinic we can help you spot head lice with a professional check. We can also help you get lice free fast with our professional lice removal treatments. Our four stage lice treatment uses dehydration to kill both lice and nits. We remove all lice debris and apply a special blend of minerals and oils to your hair, leaving you lice free guaranteed! Our professionals are trained in lice removal and can offer lice advice to help you get and stay lice free. It’s our job to help you know the signs of head lice. Don’t spend any more time wondering if you have head lice let California’s Lice Clinic help you get lice free today!
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