What is So Super About Super Lice?

We are a few months into the New Year and that means by now the appeal of the resolution making season has worn off a bit. Many of the new gym goers have stopped using their passes and reading their self-help books, but for a few it was the chance they needed to revamp themselves. To become something completely new, a better version of themselves. Unfortunately, head lice have been doing the same over the past decade. They have been revamping themselves and breeding a new strain of head lice that are here to make our lives that much more difficult. They’re called super lice, but let me tell you they are not that super!

What Are Super Lice?

Super lice are just like any other head lice in sight and appearance, but are becoming increasingly more resistant to conventional treatments. Lice were once simply treated with over the counter permethrin and pyrethrin (insecticide treatments derived from the chrysanthemum flower). However, today 98% of head lice in 48 states have developed a resistance to these treatments. Over the counter treatments are less than 25% effective on these stands of super lice.

How to Tell if You Have Super Lice?

Super lice look, act, and feel just like your run of the mill everyday head lice. Symptoms for super lice and head lice are the exact same. These can include:
  • Itchy scalp
  • Red bumps on neck, scalp, or shoulders
  • Feeling of movement in hair and on head
  • Presence of nits and lice
There is no clear way to tell the difference between head lice and super lice until treatment is done and super lice survive. That is what makes it so hard to distinguish if it was just a bad treatment or if you’re dealing with treatment resistant head lice!

How to Treat these New Lice?

So you’re probably thinking, “What am I supposed to do to kill super lice, or lice resistant to normal Over-The-Counter (OTC) treatments?” The answer is simple, that is where California’s Lice Clinic comes to the rescue! You can attempt to nit pick every lice and nit from your hair, but you often risk the chance of missing a few and being infested again in a few days. You could attempt to continually treat over and over, or you could come see us for our guaranteed head lice free treatment!
California’s Lice Clinic offers our signature treatment that treats both super lice and normal lice. We use the latest dehydration technology to kill all head lice and nits from your head to guarantee a lice free treatment! We stand behind our service and our staff, and even offer advice on staying lice free! Our treatments usually take about an hour, and allow you to return to school, work, and life as normal with no wait time or interruptions.
If you have any head lice related questions or need lice removal treatment don’t hesitate to contact us! At California’s Lice Clinic we are here to help! Our heated removal process guarantees to remove head lice in 1 quick and safe treatment! To learn more or to schedule an appointment visit us here, email INFO@LCASACRAMENTO.COM, or call 916-380-3153 .
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