3 Common Myths About Head Lice Treatments

Lice may be tiny, but they are mighty and with that come some pretty mighty myths surrounding them. For years, myths about lice have circulated. Like the idea head lice jump from head to head, when in fact lice cannot jump, they crawl. Or the myth that lice only like dirty hair, when lice have no hair preference and if anything, prefer clean hair. All these myths on lice have continued to spread but some of the worst myths we hear are about how to effectively treat head lice. We are here to debunk 3 of the most common myths about lice treatments.

1. DIY Treatments Work

Do it yourself lice treatments may have worked at one point, but they are extremely unreliable today. From covering your head in mayonnaise to soaking your hair in gasoline or other heavy toxins, DIY treatments are messy and dangerous. Treatments like the mayonnaise may work to kill some of the adult lice by suffocating them but will do nothing to kill the nits (lice eggs) and will leave you infested again in a few days. Others like the gasoline treatment are dangerous and potentially life threatening. It’s best to leave the treatment to a professional and get things taken care of on the first try. At California’s Lice Clinic our four step process is quick and leaves you lice free, able to return to school or work.

2. Cutting Off Your Hair Will Get Rid of Lice

Cutting off your hair may seem like a fast and easy solution, but like the mayonnaise trick above, often doesn’t get all of pesky critters. Lice lay their eggs close to the scalp and a quick hair cut may not get all of them leaving you open for infestation again. Hair salons are also not allowed to service anyone with head lice do to the health code as it risks spreading lice to other clients in the salon. It is best to treat your hair professionally and avoid spreading the head lice to others.

3. Over The Counter Treatments Are Best

Over the counter treatments look simple and easy but really are not worth the weeks of hassle and cost. Most over the counter treatments may seem cheaper but often require multiple treatments as they don’t kill both lice and nits on the first try. Many also contain pesticides that were once effective but lice have begun to develop a tolerance for. These pesticide resistant super lice will not die no matter how many times you treat them with the pesticide based treatment. California’s Lice Clinic uses a chemical free process to rid all lice and nits in just 1 visit. We use dehydration and a special oil blend of natural minerals and essential oils that is good for you but effectively removes super lice and regular lice.
Getting rid of head lice doesn’t have to be myth or mystery with California’s Lice Clinic! Our professionals will help you get rid of those pesky head lice and get back to your life in no time!
If you have any head lice related questions or need lice removal treatment don’t hesitate to contact us! At California’s Lice Clinic we are here to help! Our heated removal process guarantees to remove head lice in 1 quick and safe treatment! To learn more or to schedule an appointment visit us here, email INFO@LCASACRAMENTO.COM, or call 916-380-3153 .
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