1 Treatment
No Follow Up
Most Affordable
100% Guaranteed!

Call NOW and be DONE!
Appointments only. 7 days


Only 1 Hour

Kills all bugs & eggs right on
the head while in the clinic

No Toxin or Pesticides

We use only natural, multi-stage
dehydration, a comb, and oil.


If lice return within 30 days,
we retreat for free.


Over-the-counter products no longer work, and the cost of treating yourself can add up quickly.

The evolution of SUPER LICE mean the over-the-counter products are ineffective, which makes it extremely difficult, time-consuming, & expensive for you to treat lice yourself.

Our job is to help you get your life back.

90%+ of our customers have tried treating at home before hiring us. Why do they ultimately choose us?

  • EXPERTISE: Our technology and process kill 100% of lice, even super lice, every time.
  • COST: Doing it yourself can quickly, become more expensive than a professional treatment.
  • SPEED: Any treatment you do yourself will take weeks to complete.
  • SOMEONE TO TALK TO: We are here, local, and always available.
  • GUARANTEE & ACCOUNTABLE: We are a local business that depends on providing
  • COMPLETE customer satisfaction.


Jenny I.

Rocklin, CA

I brought my 14 year old daughter in to see you Monday. I arrived desperate and with very little patience….I left an hour later educated and grateful! This wasn’t my first experience with lice but it was the FIRST TIME I felt completely confident she was lice free. Years ago when she was in grammar school those bugs found her class….. From 2nd grade until 6th grade and I had tried everything to kill them! I finally ended up taking her to Nit Pixies and spending over 200$ and having to return for “routine head checks” to the tune of 50$ each visit! They are not educated on LICE and a salon is not the place to give such treatments. Larry you showed patience with a teenage girl and a neurotic mom the entire time. The best compliment I can share with you is your gift to educate your clients.

I am in the process of relocating to Rocklin and would be more then happy to spread the word of your new location! I don’t think the public realizes the magnitude of what their up against when these critters invade their homes, classrooms, sports teams etc! Let me know if I can assist. I want to wish you and your 5 amazing kids a very Merry Christmas! I have told my own friends and colleagues in [the] Valley for years…When children turn out smart, compassionate and responsible it’s no accident or luck…. It’s GOOD PARENTING!

Rayne G.

Sacramento, CA

In the middle of moving to a new city we realized our elementary age daughter had lice (a nice parting gift from her old school).  I immediately began to research online, went to a couple drugstores and bought anything I could get my hands on and began the process of trying to get rid of the lice.

After hrs of standing and trying to pull out nits (which are way smaller than I ever thought they would be and were the color of her hair) I started to panic!  I finally let my kid go to sleep and decided to keep going in the morning.  As I started back up on her hair in the morning I just felt completely overwhelmed because I knew there was no way I was going to get every single nit out of her hair.  I didn’t see how I was ever going to rid our home of this.  We have two other children and I felt like whose to say once I rid one child of the lice the next won’t start showing signs?

In a total state of panic I called California’s Lice clinic and spoke with Eric.  He began to calm me down by assuring me this is manageable and we can deal with it quickly.  He gave me a lot of information and answered my questions without ever forcing me to commit to their treatment.  Honestly, I was a bit shocked by the price but I spent the amount of one treatment on products that didn’t work the night before.  I wish I would have called them right away! I would have saved myself so much time, anxiety, and back pain! Eric made an appointment for us that very same day (New Years eve!)

When we arrived we were greeted by two very friendly staff.  They offered to check my whole family. We ended up paying for two full treatments and two partial treatments as a preventive measure.  Isaiah worked on my family and answered the hundreds of questions I asked! It was fast and efficient.  I couldn’t believe that this place exists and more people don’t know about it! Seriously, these guys are on my list of people who make a difference in the world! I was so stressed out and they just put all my worries at ease and assured me we would be ok.  I don’t know why schools don’t partner with this facility it would help so much to rid outbreaks of lice on elementary campuses.

I would encourage anyone to skip dealing with this at home and go straight to CA Lice clinic.  We had the best experience with them in the worst situation!  I can’t sing their praises enough! This is my first and only review I’ll ever do…they helped me so much I felt like I should publicly acknowledge how wonderful they were.

Kimberly D.

Walnut Creek, CA

I opened a Yelp account just to write this one review. It means that much to us. 

We worked daily for over 2 weeks to clear my daughter of head lice. Nit combs, mayo, lice shampoos, prescription shampoos, zapper combs, I even cut off several inches of her beautiful hair. My husband heard a story about Lice Clinics on the local Sac news, we were desperate. In ONE HOUR at Lice Clinics in Sac, the lice were gone. Completely GONE!

I live in the Bay Area, no other mom I spoke with had ever heard of this type of treatment, nor had  our pediatrician, family doctor, or pharmacist. It’s all about the machine, and LC of Sac uses one. Not trying to over dramatize here, but it’s a real shame families have to go through the “trauma” of infestation sometimes for weeks, when it’s simply not necessary! As I said, your friends and your doctors are NOT going to suggest Lice Clinics, because they just don’t know about it.

Larry and Eric couldn’t be more understanding and supportive. They even told us what to do with our bedding when we got back to our house, and it wasn’t what we had been doing for 2 weeks. They are professional, great with kids, funny, very knowledgeable on the subject of lice, (way more than your physician, I promise) and best of all…effective

John K.

Davis, CA

Getting lice is a bummer. Going to this lice clinic is not! Everyone is very friendly and really good at what they do. And the new clinic is really clean and comfortable. We were glad to have access to treatment (on a Sunday to boot) that does not require direct application of insecticide chemicals to my scalp or my kids’ scalps. And the follow-up instructions to make sure reinfestation does not occur are easy to understand and do. I recommend this clinic really highly. I hope I never see a louse or a nit again, but if I do I’m coming back here without a doubt.

Janet K.

El Dorado Hills, CA

Larry and his partner Eric are professional and “get it done” kind of individuals.  Having kids with lice is no fun and embarrassing! However, it is a fact of life and he makes you feel at ease with his professional humor and confirms the need for this FDA-cleared treatment.  Be totally assured that you will be completely free of lice and nits after just one session.

Valerie M.

Dixon, CA

I cannot say how GRATEFUL I am for this place. I have 4 daughters and my oldest is 21 years old. I have NEVER had to deal with lice until my 12 year old came home with bugs and eggs in her hair yesterday. I treated it at home with Nix per the pharmacist recommendation. I combed through my daughters hair twice with a metal comb that came with and it took me two hours. Feeling better the next morning after washing sheets , towels like a maniac I combed through her hair that next morning. I found a LIVE bug and took her to school to get checked. The school said that she was infested and had tons of eggs all over her head. The school nurse checked me and said I was fine.

I was so afraid that if I tried to hand pick out the eggs it would take forever and if I MISS one it would come back.

So I decided to make an appointment with Lice Clinics in Sacramento. They assure your satisfaction.  When we got to the clinic Larry checked me and I HAD lice!!!! He provided me with SO much accurate and current information that will save me time and keep me and my girls from getting lice again. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

Thank you to Larry !! I am SO glad I did not mess around with this.

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