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Paradise, CA - Head Lice Removal

treating head lice: Your  simple solution guide!

  • Take a deep breath. Remember, lice are more of a nuisance than a serious health concern. Now, let’s address this step-by-step.
  • Don’t panic – decide whether you’ll tackle the issue yourself or seek professional help. 
  • Keep in mind, over-the-counter products might not be effective due to Super Lice.
  • It’s crucial to have someone check your hair for nits & lice. 
  • It’s common for parents to get lice from their children, so don’t feel alone.
  • Make sure everyone in your household gets checked. Remember, persistence is key – keep checking. 
  • You’ve got this! Take it one step at a time, and remember, you’re not alone in this.

WATCH Lice Feed on You

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natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA
natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA
natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA
natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA
natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA
natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA
natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA

California's Lice Clinic: Your Trusted Partner

We understand the urgency when it comes to head lice, which is why we're ready to serve you promptly. With our natural, non-chemical treatment, usually within hours of your call, we'll eliminate your children's head lice, providing peace of mind for your entire family. Serving Sacramento and beyond, from Santa Rosa to Grass Valley, our clinic is the highest rated for a reason—we're dedicated to your well-being.

Safe Solutions, Lasting Results

At California's Lice Clinic, we've developed our own proprietary non-chemical treatments, tested and trusted on thousands of children and adults over the years. Our expertise ensures safe and effective elimination of your head lice problem, giving you confidence in our approach.

Gentle Care, Immediate Relief

Using our exclusive line of natural products combined with our specialized spiral-toothed comb, we meticulously remove lice and nits. Unlike harsh chemical-based alternatives, our natural enzyme-based solution offers immediate relief after just one treatment, prioritizing your comfort and well-being.

natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CAnatural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA

California’s Lice Clinic understands that in today’s economy, many people prefer to do things themselves when it is effective and practical to do so. If you’d like to do-it-yourself, you can purchase our California’s Lice Clinic Head Lice Removal and Prevention Kit and apply them at the comfort of your home. California’s Lice Clinic promises to educate you about head lice so that you may never need our hair clinic & lice removal services again and be Lice Free Once & For All! Our happy lice-free clients testify that we are both family-friendly and cost-effective. They are the foundation of our success as the hundreds of 5-star Google & YELP! Reviews confirm. Our staff will personally answer any questions that you may have. Remember, California’s Lice Clinic is here to bring comfort and provide a solution to your head lice problem! We will educate you to be Lice Free NOW. Call US TODAY (916) 380-3153.

natural head lice removal treatment services Sacramento CA


California's Lice Clinic

450+ reviews
Call (916) 380-3153
and we will educate you how to be LICE FREE FOREVER!

Think you have head lice?

Send us a picture of a strand of your hair and we can diagnose you within minutes! If you do have lice, we’ll make sure you’re treated and educated how to be 
*NOTE: Photo must JPG and no larger than 1MB.

    Do It Yourself with CLC

    Order our products online or buy at the clinic. Let us empower you with the knowledge and tools to be LICE FREE FOR GOOD!


    CLC Comes to You

    We come to YOU, bringing our expertise and treatment right to your doorstep. Experience comfort and convenience as we provide treatment in the safety of your home, ensuring you’re equipped to maintain a lice-free environment long after we are gone.

    Visit US

    Step into our welcoming, children-friendly salon for a lice treatment experience like no other. Not only will we rid you of lice, but we’ll also ensure you leave with the knowledge & confidence to remain LICE FREE FOR GOOD!

    CLC Outreach

    We’re dedicated to the well-being of students everywhere. With our school outreach program, we provide comprehensive head lice checks and immediate treatment, all while educating students on how to prevent future infestations. Together, let’s ensure every student can thrive in a lice-free environment.

    California's Lice Clinic

    Say Goodbye to Head Lice with Our Natural Treatment!

    Moms, we know how stressful it can be when your little ones have head lice.

    That’s why our clinic is here for you every step of the way. With our safe and effective treatment, we’ll have those pesky critters gone in no time, leaving you and your family lice-free. CLC is all about keeping your loved ones happy and healthy. Reach out today for a lice-free tomorrow!
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    Paradise CA

    California’s Lice Clinic:

    Our gentle, family-focused approach ensures same-day relief from head lice, providing you with peace of mind and your little ones with comfort.

    Paradise CA

    Head Lice:

    Say goodbye to head lice worries with our caring services, offering natural solutions that guarantee quick results, so you can focus on what matters most – your family.

    Paradise CA

    Head Lice Treatment:

    Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing gentle, effective treatment options that deliver same-day relief, ensuring your family’s well-being is our top priority.

    Paradise CA

    Head Lice Removal:

    Trust in our expertise to eliminate head lice swiftly and safely, allowing your family to breathe easy knowing our gentle methods provide immediate relief.

    Paradise CA


    With our family-friendly approach, we meticulously remove head lice with care and precision, offering same-day results that bring relief to both parents and children.

    Paradise CA

    Get Rid of Lice:

    Experience the ease and comfort of our natural lice removal services, designed to provide your family with quick relief and lasting peace of mind.

    Paradise CA

    Lice Clinic Near Me:

    Located conveniently in Rancho Cordova, our lice clinic offers caring, same-day solutions for families dealing with head lice, ensuring comfort and convenience every step of the way.

    Paradise CA

    Lice Salon Near Me:

    Discover our family-oriented lice salon, where compassionate professionals provide gentle treatments for same-day relief, making your family’s comfort our priority.

    Paradise CA

    Treat Super Lice:

    Don’t let super lice stand in your way – our expert team is equipped to handle even the toughest cases with gentle, effective treatments that guarantee fast results.

    Paradise CA

    Head Lice Products:

    Explore our range of natural head lice products, carefully crafted to provide families with safe, effective solutions for immediate relief from infestations.

    Paradise CA

    At Home Lice Remedy:

    Empower yourself with our at-home lice remedies, featuring gentle yet powerful treatments that offer same-day results, ensuring your family’s comfort and convenience.

    Paradise CA

    Lice Professionals:

    Our dedicated team of lice professionals is committed to providing families with compassionate care and effective solutions, ensuring quick relief from head lice infestations.

    Paradise CA

    Treat Lice Fast:

    Experience the speed and efficiency of our lice treatments, designed to provide your family with fast relief and lasting protection against future infestations.

    Paradise CA

    Head Lice Shampoo:

    Say goodbye to head lice with our gentle yet powerful shampoo, offering same-day relief and peace of mind for your entire family.

    Paradise CA

    Head Lice Comb:

    Trust in our specially designed lice comb to remove head lice with ease and precision, providing your family with immediate relief and comfort.
    Serving Sacramento and beyond, from Santa Rosa to Grass Valley, our clinic is the highest rated for a reason—we’re dedicated to your well-being.

    All of our satisfied customers come from Sacramento and throughout the region, including: 

    Santa Rosa, CA Lice RemovalVacaville, CA  Lice RemovalNapa, CA  Lice RemovalDavis, CA  Lice RemovalElk Grove, CA  Lice RemovalRedding, CA  Lice RemovalWoodland, CA  Lice RemovalDixon, CA  Lice RemovalGalt, CA Lice RemovalLodi, CA  Lice RemovalPlymouth, CA Lice RemovalAuburn, CA Lice RemovalColfax, CA Lice RemovalShingle Springs, CA Lice RemovalWheatland, CA Lice RemovalRed Bluff, CA Lice RemovalChico, CA Lice RemovalParadise, CA Lice RemovalOroville, CA Lice Removal Yuba City, CA Lice RemovalGrass Valley, CA Lice RemovalLincoln, CA Lice RemovalColusa, CA Lice RemovalWilliams, CA Lice RemovalArbuckle, CA  Lice RemovalPleasant Grove, CA Lice RemovalWhitney, CA  Lice RemovalPenryn, CA Lice RemovalNewcastle, CA Lice RemovalLoomis, CA Lice Removal –  Rancho Cordova, CA Lice RemovalGranite Bay, CA Lice RemovalRoseville, CA Lice RemovalFolsom, CA Lice RemovalEl Dorado Hills, CA Lice RemovalSacramento County Lice RemovalPlacer County CA Lice RemovalYolo County CA Lice RemovalRocklin, CA Lice RemovalAntelope, CA Lice RemovalNorth Highlands, CA Lice RemovalRio Linda, CA Lice RemovalElverta, CA Lice RemovalMcClellan Park, CA Lice RemovalOrangevale, CA Lice RemovalCitrus Heights, CA Lice RemovalCarmichael, CA Lice RemovalArden-Arcade, CA Lice RemovalLa Riviera, CA Lice RemovalRosemont CA Lice RemovalMather, CA Lice RemovalCameron Park, CA Lice RemovalLemon Hill, CA Lice RemovalWest Sacramento, CA Lice RemovalEast Sacramento, CA Lice RemovalNorth Sacramento, CA Lice RemovalSouth Sacramento, CA Lice RemovalNatomas, CA Lice RemovalFlorin, CA Lice Removal and all of Nevada County CA Lice Removal.

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    Kills all bugs & eggs right on
    the head while in the clinic


    We use only natural, multi-stage
    dehydration, a comb, and oil.


    If lice return within 30 days,
    we retreat for free..


    Over-the-counter products no longer work, and the cost of treating yourself can add up quickly.

    The evolution of SUPER LICE mean the over-the-counter products are ineffective, which makes it extremely difficult, time-consuming & expensive for you to treat lice yourself.

    Our job is to help you get your life back.

    90%+ of our customers have tried treating at home before hiring us.
    Why do they ultimately choose us?
    • EXPERTISE: Our technology and process kill 100% of lice, even super lice, every time.
    • COST: Doing it yourself can quickly, become more expensive than a professional treatment.
    • SPEED: Any treatment you do yourself will take weeks to complete.
    • SOMEONE TO TALK TO: We are here, local, and always available.
    • GUARANTEE & ACCOUNTABLE: We are a local business that depends on providing complete customer satisfaction.



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