You’re Stuck at Home and Your Child has Lice: Now What?

These are stressful times we are living in, being stuck at home for weeks now has put a lot of strain on all of us. Having to deal with head lice on top of everything is something no one should have to worry about. Unfortunately, head lice happen. It’s spring, children came from the close contact of school into the close contact of homes. Both can be perfect breeding grounds for lice. So, what are you to do if your child has lice and your stuck at home?

Know the Signs

First, it’s best to know the signs of head lice. If you can identify whether or not it’s lice on your own you’ll be one step ahead. Itching isn’t the only sign of lice and could be caused by other factors, knowing how to check for lice could save you a lot of worry and time. Check near the scalp, behind ears, and the neckline for lice and nits. Nits are lice eggs and will be small, tan or white colored, and ‘glued’ to the hair. Damp hair is easiest to check. Run a thin comb through damp hair under a bright light to make it easier to see the lice. Occasionally redness or rash will occur along the neckline and shoulders.

How to Treat Lice Professionally?

Treating lice is simple with California’s Lice Clinic. We remain open to help you get rid of lice fast. Over the counter treatments you can do at home may seem appealing, but they are often ineffective. With the rise of super lice over the counter treatments just are not working anymore. In fact, 90% of our customers say they’ve tried them before coming to us and they just didn’t work. Our innovative technology uses heat to kill 100% of lice, including nits and super lice. Our trained technicians are experts in ridding lice in just one of our four step treatments. You can walk out of our clinic feeling at ease and lice free, with our team behind you! We are also available for virtual consultations or by phone for any questions or lice concerns you may have!

What to do at Home?

Our team also wants to be there for you after the treatment. We are always there to answer any question you may have on head lice and their prevention. We are available during this tough time via phone or virtual consultations for all your lice needs. Still it’s important our clients feel they are going home to a lice free environment. While lice cannot live long without a host, we still recommend cleaning your home after an infestation. Here are our recommendations:
  1. Vacuum all flooring thoroughly and wash hard floors with normal household cleaners.
  2. All clothing and bedding touched by the infested persons’ should be washed in hot water and dried on high heat. If it is an item that can not be washed it can be dry cleaned or put directly into a hot dryer for 30 minutes.
  3. Furniture and cars can be cleaned easily. Cloth material can be vacuumed. Leather, plastic, and vinyl can be wiped down with an ammonia based cleaner.
  4. Brushes, combs, and hair accessories can be placed into boiling- hot water for 2 minutes. To do this boil the water, then remove from heat before placing the items in the water.
  5. Toys, stuffed animals, and other objects can also be placed in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes if they are cloth. Plastic items can be wiped down and other items that are hard to clean may be isolated in a plastic bag for 24-48 hours.
Head lice are always a pest, but nobody wants to be stuck at home with them. Let California’s Lice Clinic help your family enjoy their time together and get rid of the stressful pest
If you have any head lice related questions or need lice removal treatment don’t hesitate to contact us! At California’s Lice Clinic we are here to help! Our heated removal process guarantees to remove head lice in 1 quick and safe treatment! To learn more or to schedule an appointment visit us here, email INFO@LCASACRAMENTO.COM, or call 916-380-3153 .
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