Common Ways Adults Get Head Lice

Post-lice removal care
Head lice often seems like a problem for children and not so much for adults, so when we get head lice as adults it can be a bit of a shock. Most of us haven’t thought about head lice since our elementary school days or if we have it’s only in terms of our children. Unfortunately, head lice don’t discriminate based on age and adults can also get head lice.
We tend to see head lice less in adults as a whole, because adults tend be more hygienic than children and are more aware of the threat. Being aware makes it easier for adults to avoid situations where they may be infested. However, adults do still get head lice. There are some common ways adults still get lice that can be easily avoided the more aware you are.


Direct contact is the most common way head lice is spread. When an infested person’s head touches a non-infested person, the lice can easily crawl to the new host. Unlike common myths, head lice cannot fly or jump but must crawl to their new hosts. Contact like hugging, sitting close, or being in crowded spaces are all common ways for adults to pick up head lice. Think of any circumstance where your hair or head may brush against another, that’s all lice need to spread.

Sharing Accessories

Sharing is usually recommended except in times of head lice outbreaks. You should always be careful sharing items that touch your head and shoulders. Items like hats, scarves, brushes, hair accessories, jackets, and hoodies can all be great for head lice to hitch a ride to the next host. It’s best not to share items during peak lice times and to always bring your own items or check items over before using them. Head lice can live 24-48 hours without a host in proper conditions so be sure to check your items and be careful.


As adults in our households it is often our job to take care of anyone who may have head lice, but this is often the most common way adults get lice. Children or other family members with lice is the most common cause of outbreaks within an entire family. There are simple ways to avoid the rest of your family getting lice though even if one member is infested. Remember the contact rule and avoid direct head to head contact. Follow the above suggestions on sharing and be sure to thoroughly clean your home. You can find our cleaning suggestions here. Be sure to avoid sharing things like blankets and pillows and be wary of lounging in the same spots until cleaned. It can be hard to deal with lice disrupting your family time, but California’s Lice Clinic is here to help.
Being an adult with head lice can be hard but there are some easy ways to avoid the pesky critters and an even easier way to get rid of them should you find yourself with head lice. California’s Lice Clinic can have you lice free in one chemical free treatment! Our four-step process dehydrates lice and eggs then uses a special blend of natural minerals and essential oils. You’ll leave our clinic lice free and able to return to work, family and life as normal!
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