Cleaning After Head Lice

Getting rid of head lice is never an easy task, and can overwhelm even the most organized person. Ridding head lice from your home though is a completely different beast. Cleaning your home after even one member of your family has lice is important, but how do you make sure it’s done properly? And where…

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Finding the Right Lice Professional

California's Lice Clinic Head Lice Professionals

Treating head lice from home with the latest in do it yourself (DIY) lice treatment and removal techniques used to be common. Unfortunately, with the increase in super lice across the United States, including California, DIY head lice removal is no longer effective or a viable method. So, what are people supposed to do when…

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Parents’ Scariest Halloween Nightmares: #3: HEAD LICE!

Parents were asked to rank their worst parenting nightmares, and HEAD LICE ranked 3rd!  More parents fear head lice than chicken pox, pink eye, strep throat and the flu, to name a few. Only a broken bone and a broken heart scare parents more than head lice. Top 10 Parenting Nightmares Kid coming home with…

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Don’t Bulldoze Your House Because of Head Lice

California's Lice Clinic Cleaning After Head lice

We hear all the time of parents frantically cleaning their home after discovering a child has head lice—washing every linen, shampooing pets, bagging and quarantining pillows and stuffed animals for weeks, even throwing away things for fear of contamination. STOP!  It’s not necessary, and understanding how lice live and spread can give you peace of…

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“No-Nit” Policies Make “No-Sense”

Although the CDC U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly discourages “no-nit” policies in schools, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), some schools and districts still enforce a no-nit policy.   “No-Nit” means that when a child has head lice, he or she is not allowed back…

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