The Essentials for Lice Prevention | For 1-2 Kids

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Prevent Lice Naturally with CLC Essentials!

  • Prevent Infestations Naturally: Use Essentials for Lice Prevention, a natural remedy infused with essential oils from mint, known for their insecticidal properties that repel head lice without harming your child.
  • Effective Minty Protection: Wash with Mint Shampoo to infuse mint oils into the scalp and hair, creating an unwelcome environment for lice.
  • Continued Defense with Mint Conditioner: The Mint Conditioner leaves a refreshing mint scent on hair, maintaining the protective barrier against lice even between washes.
  • Extra Protection with Mint Repellent Spray: Apply Mint Repellent and Prevention Spray on dry hair to further deter lice. Just a few spritzes in the morning keep lice at bay all day long.

Keep Lice Away Naturally with CLC Essentials – Because Prevention is Key!

The Essentials for Lice Prevention Includes:

  • 8oz Mint Shampoo
  • 8oz Mint Conditioner
  • 8oz Mint Detangling Repellent and Prevention Spray

Step-by-Step Application:


  • Wash your hair  using Mint Shampoo and our sulfate-free Mint Conditioner (sold separately) to restore your hair’s healthy luster.
  • Finally, for preventive day to day protection, mist your hair with our Mint Detangling Spray (sold separately).


  • Daily wash your hair  using Mint Shampoo to wash away any louse on the hair.
  • Use our sulfate-free Mint Conditioner (sold separately) to restore your hair’s healthy luster.
  • While the Mint Conditioner is on hair, use CLC Metal Lice Comb (sold separately) to comb hair and check for lice.
  • Finally, for preventive day to day outside protection, mist your hair with our Mint Detangling Spray (sold separately).

Freshness and Protection Combined: Mint products not only prevent lice but also leave hair smelling fresh and feeling clean and conditioned. The tingling sensation from mint oils invigorates the scalp and adds a beautiful shine to the hair. With regular use, parents notice an improvement in the overall health of their kids’ hair.

Natural Nourishment: CLC Mint Shampoo and Conditioner are packed with natural botanical extracts that condition and moisturize hair without any added chemicals. Essential oils offer clarifying benefits without stripping hair, unlike typical anti-lice shampoos.

Complete Prevention Regimen: By incorporating CLC Mint Shampoo, Conditioner, and Spray into your routine, parents can feel confident that they’re taking proactive steps to prevent lice outbreaks. Consistent use of these lice prevention products helps children steer clear of the itchiness and social stigma associated with lice infestations.

Worry-Free Protection: Say goodbye to constant worry whenever your child complains of an itchy head. The protective power of mint ensures that going to school becomes lice-free and worry-free. With mint products, parents can rest assured that their children are shielded against lice infestations.

Made in the USA. 100% happiness money back guarantee.

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