Your Head Lice Terms Guide

Head lice are pesky critters, they cause panic in even the calmest people. Getting rid of them can be a confusing and stressful time. Learning the terms related to head lice and treating them can help make things less confusing. We’ve put together a short glossary of popular head lice terms. With these terms you can have a better understanding about what you are up against and be prepared to get rid of them.

1. Lice

Lice is the common term used to refer to the type of lice that infests human heads. Head lice are in the taxonomic order Phthiraptera and suborder Anoplura (sucking lice). They are small, flat, wingless parasites that often look like sesame seeds.

2. Louse

Louse is the singular form of lice.

3. Nits

Nits are head lice eggs. Head lice have three stages of life. Nits, nymphs, and louse. Louse will lay nits on the hair shafts where they will later hatch.

4. Nymphs

Nymphs are louse in their second stage of the life cycle. They are essentially teenage lice. This stage lasts seven to ten days. In this stage lice will molt three times and grow into their full grow size.

5. Pyrethrins

Pyrethrins are naturally occurring pyrethroid extracts used in over the counter treatments. Derived from the dried flower heads of the Chrysanthemum, they only kill live lice and do not kill nits that have not hatched. Over time head lice have developed a resistance to these treatments. Super lice that have developed recently are not affected by these treatments.

6. Comb-Out

A comb-out refers to the careful combing of the hair to identify the presence of lice and remove any head lice or lice debris. Some professionals use this as the only method to remove lice. Here at California’s Lice Clinic we perform comb-outs along with our four-step treatment to remove any lice debris after our heated treatment.

7. Dehydration

Dehydrating lice sounds like exactly what it is. At California’s Lice Clinic our four-step process uses heat to dehydrate lice and nits. This effectively kills all lice and nits, including super lice. We use a two-step dehydration process, followed by a comb-out, and an application of our special oil blend.
At California’s Lice Clinic we are committed to helping you stay lice free. We offer the best in lice removal technology and lice advice. We are here for all your lice questions and lice needs. Follow our lice terms guide to stay ahead of the lice game and call us for any other lice questions you may have. Our professionals are trained in lice removal and can offer lice advice to help you get and stay lice free. It’s our job to help you know the signs of head lice. Don’t spend any more time wondering if you have head lice let California’s Lice Clinic help you get lice free today!
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